Photo Studio: Sova Fotostudija

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Location: T. Ševčenkos Street 16i, Vilnius, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuania
From: €20,00 / hour

Professional photo studio in Vilnius, ideal for both seasoned photographers and beginners. Multiple versatile spaces available for rent.

From:€20,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

convenient for both professionals and novice photographers
Whether you are a professional with extensive studio photography experience or have never taken photos in the studio, you will be equally comfortable and we are sure you will achieve a great result.
Don’t worry, taking pictures in the studio is not difficult! If you don’t have much experience, we’ll be happy to tell you how to set up your camera and lighting equipment, which lamps make sense to use in a particular case. We will not leave you face to face with an unknown new equipment. Come to us and gain new experience and motivation to take photos!
Same time professionals with our equipment and accessories can start quickly and use time efficiently.

Our photo studio in Vilnius is designed to cater to diverse photography needs. We offer a variety of photoshoot services with state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable amenities. The studio is equipped with high-speed Wifi, ample parking space, and a clean, well-maintained toilet facility to ensure a seamless photoshoot experience. Featuring spacious interiors with flexible setups, our studio is perfect for capturing everything from portrait photography to elaborate creative projects. Our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist you with any technical or creative requirements, making our studio a preferred choice for those looking for a photo studio for rent in Vilnius.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Photoshoot Spaces

Photoshoot Space

Classic Photo Studio

Square: 55m2, Walls: 4m, Visitors: 8

Versatile photoshoot space in Vilnius featuring various walls, large windows, and fabric backgrounds. Perfect for diverse photography needs.
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from  €20,00 / hour
Space Detail
Photoshoot Space


Square: 75m2, Walls: 4m, Visitors: 6

Versatile photoshoot space in Vilnius featuring a 6x6m white corner cyclorama, background system, informal windows, and a mobile wall. Ideal for creative projects.
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from  €30,00 / hour
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