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Location: 1 Yakuba Kolasa Street, Minsk, Belarus
From: €17,00 / hour

DreamStudio is a premier photo studio in Minsk offering versatile spaces for all types of photoshoots. Book your session today!

From:€17,00/ hour
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Наша студия подходит для семейных, индивидуальных, love story и свадебных фотосессий. При аренде залов на большое количество часов пространство может трансформироваться в зависимости от вашей задачи, например, для рекламных фотосессий и видеосъемок. В нашей фотостудии, помимо вспышек, можно снимать с естественным светом из окон, а для съемки со вспышками или постоянным видеосветом окна плотно занавешиваются. Мы всегда идем навстречу Вашим потребностям и прислушиваемся к Вашим потребностям.

DreamStudio is your go-to photo studio for rent in Minsk, providing professional photoshoot services tailored to your needs. Our studio is designed to accommodate a wide range of photo sessions, from family and individual portraits to love stories and wedding shoots. We offer flexible booking options that allow you to transform the space according to your creative vision, whether for promotional photoshoots or video recordings. The studio’s large windows provide ample natural light, perfect for capturing bright and airy images. For shoots requiring flash photography or constant video lighting, the windows can be fully covered to control the lighting environment. At DreamStudio, we prioritize your requirements and are committed to providing a versatile and accommodating space for all your photoshoot projects. Our central location in Minsk makes us easily accessible, ensuring a convenient and professional photoshoot experience.

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Square: 60m2, Walls: 4m, Visitors: 10

Discover the perfect photoshoot space in Minsk, combining light and dark zones for versatile shoots. Ideal for portraits and family sessions. Book now!
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from  €17,00 / hour
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