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Location: Partizansky Ave. 2/4, Minsk, Minsk Region, Belarus
From: €11,00 / hour

Photohype is a spacious photo studio in Minsk, featuring natural light, versatile decor, and transformable furniture, perfect for various creative shoots.

From:€11,00/ hour
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Photohype photo studio is one large (105 square meters), spacious room without partitions or columns. There are huge, tall windows throughout the studio. Thanks to this, a large amount of natural sunlight will enter the hall, making the room bright and spacious. You can even shoot a person full-length at 200mm. All decorative items and furniture are allowed to be moved. There are many easily transformable elements (for example, the couch has several quick-release covers in different colors, and the bed can be spread out)

Photohype Studio offers a unique and customizable setting for all your photoshoot needs. The open layout and absence of partitions provide an unobstructed space that can be tailored to suit various creative concepts. From fashion photography to product shoots, the versatile environment allows for a multitude of photography styles.

The studio is equipped with a range of props and decor elements that can be adjusted or replaced to fit the theme of your shoot. The availability of a four-poster bed, a bar counter, and a motorcycle adds to the diversity of the settings, making it an ideal location for both professional and personal photography sessions. The tall windows ensure that the space is bathed in natural light, giving your photos a bright and airy feel.

Located conveniently on Partizansky Ave. in Minsk, this photo studio for rent also offers parking facilities, making it easily accessible for clients and photographers. Whether you are looking to capture high-fashion shots, intimate portraits, or creative artistic expressions, Photohype Studio in Minsk is the perfect venue to bring your vision to life.

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Square: 105m2, Walls: 4m, Visitors: 6

Versatile photoshoot space in Minsk featuring a motorcycle, fireplace, bar counter, four-poster bed, and diverse decor. Ideal for various creative shoots.
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from  €11,00 / hour
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