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Location: Raudondvario Road 164, Kaunas, Kaunas City Municipality, Lithuania
From: €25,00 / hour

CozyStudio's largest photo studio in Kaunas offers 300 m2 of versatile space with large windows and nearly 5-meter high ceilings.

From:€25,00/ hour
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Studio #1. This is CozyStudio’s largest photo studio with large windows, covering an area of 300 m2 and a ceiling height of almost 5 meters. In this studio, you will find various furniture corners, paper backgrounds of various colors and a large (50m2), white cyclorama*.

After renting this space, you will be able to use all props, various continuous lighting and pulse lamps for free.

The space is divided into several zones:

One area has a 50 square meter white cyclorama*.

On the opposite side of the cyclorama, in a bright space, there is a furniture area where you will find a bed, a bathtub, a fireplace, armchairs and other furniture.

In the third zone, there are different backgrounds and walls painted in different colors, which also use different decorations or different furniture.

Next to the backdrops there is a stationary mirror where makeup can be applied.

* When you reserve a studio, the entire space belongs to you.

Our photo studio for rent in Kaunas is designed to cater to a wide range of photoshoot services. The studio boasts a modern aesthetic with versatile settings to suit any creative vision. The natural light flooding through the large windows provides an ideal environment for capturing stunning images. The high ceilings enhance the spacious feel, allowing for expansive setups and unique angles.

In addition to the primary zones, the studio also offers a variety of props and backgrounds to enrich your photoshoot experience. The furniture area includes elegant pieces that can be arranged to create diverse scenes. The backdrop section features a myriad of colored walls and decorations, perfect for adding vibrant elements to your shoots.

Our facility is equipped with all the necessary lighting equipment, ensuring your photos come out flawlessly. The make-up station with a stationary mirror provides a convenient space for preparation, making it easier for models and clients to get ready on-site.

Conveniently located at Raudondvario Road 164, Kaunas, our studio also features ample parking space, making it easy for you and your team to transport equipment and access the venue. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, our photo studio for rent in Kaunas promises a seamless and productive photoshoot experience.

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Square: 100m2, Walls: 5m, Visitors: 5

Spacious photoshoot space in Kaunas featuring various furniture settings, colored walls, and free lighting equipment. Ideal for diverse photography needs.
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