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Photoshoot Space: Photo Studio #2

Photo Studio: Cozy Studio

Location: Raudondvario Road 164, Kaunas, Kaunas City Municipality, Lithuania

Spacious photoshoot space in Kaunas featuring various furniture settings, colored walls, and free lighting equipment. Ideal for diverse photography needs.

Photo Studio Facilities


Studio #2. A photo studio with large windows that covers more than 100 m2 and the ceiling height is almost 5 meters.

After renting this space, you will be able to use all props, various continuous lighting and pulse lamps for free.

The space is divided into two zones:

The area closer to the window is lighter, where white and cream colors predominate.

In this area, you will find a white wall with ornaments, a cream-colored clay-like arch, and another large cream-colored wall with structure.

Darker and richer colors prevail in the space closer to the door.

* When you book a studio, the entire studio space belongs to you.

This versatile photoshoot space for rent in Kaunas is perfect for a wide range of photography projects. The studio boasts a designer interior, featuring sophisticated furniture setups and walls with unique textures and colors. Whether you need a bright, airy setting or a more dramatic, darker backdrop, this photo studio in Kaunas has it all. The large windows provide ample natural light, while the free use of continuous lighting and pulse lamps ensures you have all the tools needed for a successful shoot. The studio’s two distinct zones allow for flexibility and creativity in your photoshoots.

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