Photo Studio: Studio No.8

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Location: 8e Karl Faberge Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia
From: €12,00 / hour

Professional photo studio in Saint Petersburg offering diverse photoshoot services with multiple unique spaces for rent.

From:€12,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

This is a professional interior photo studio in St. Petersburg. Covering an area of 1000 square meters, it features 4 diverse photo rooms, a welcome area, several dressing rooms, and a workspace for photo retouching. One of the main advantages of the photo studio is the presence of a huge cyclorama in the PRO room.

Studio No.8 provides top-notch photoshoot services in a meticulously designed environment. Our photo studio for rent in Saint Petersburg is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a seamless photoshoot experience. The spacious layout, combined with state-of-the-art lighting equipment and various backdrops, allows for creative freedom and professional results. The welcome area is designed to make clients feel comfortable from the moment they step in, while the dressing rooms offer privacy and convenience for wardrobe changes. Moreover, the dedicated workspace for photo retouching ensures that every shot can be perfected on-site. With ample parking and restroom facilities, Studio No.8 is committed to providing a comprehensive and pleasant experience for photographers and clients alike.

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Photoshoot Spaces

Photoshoot Space

Studio LOFT

Square: 184m2, Walls: 5m, Visitors: 8

Discover the versatile photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg with over 10 wall textures, multi-level zoning, and a music center, perfect for creative projects and hosting parties.
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from  €12,00 / hour
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Photoshoot Space

Studio PRO

Square: 110m2, Walls: 5m, Visitors: 8

Spacious photoshoot space for rent in Saint Petersburg with natural light, panoramic windows, cyclorama, textured walls, and heated floor. Ideal for professional shoots.
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from  €12,00 / hour
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