from €12,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: Studio LOFT

Photo Studio: Studio No.8

Location: 8e Karl Faberge Square, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Discover the versatile photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg with over 10 wall textures, multi-level zoning, and a music center, perfect for creative projects and hosting parties.

Photo Studio Facilities


More than 10 wall textures, multi-level zoning space, music center, suitable for hosting parties.

Studio LOFT offers a stunning 184 m² photoshoot space for rent in Saint Petersburg, designed to inspire creativity. With a ceiling height of 5 meters, this space features diverse wall textures including brick, wood, and other unique designs, ensuring a variety of backdrops for your photoshoots. The multi-level zoning allows for dynamic setups, making it ideal for both professional and amateur photographers.

The studio is equipped with ProFoto lighting to ensure your shots are perfectly illuminated. Additionally, Studio LOFT can accommodate up to 8 visitors, making it a great choice for group shoots or collaborative projects. The space is also pet-friendly, allowing for photographing with animals.

Located within Studio No.8, this photoshoot space benefits from the amenities and expertise of a well-established photo studio in Saint Petersburg. Whether you’re planning a photoshoot, a small event, or a creative project, Studio LOFT provides a versatile and inspiring environment.

Brick wall
Textured walls
Wooden wall

Locations of different colors

Without interiors

Photographing with animals


Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€12,00/hour
Night tariff from 11:00 PM-6:00 AM€61,00/hour
Weekends and holidays€13,00/hour


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