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Location: pr. Energetikov, 3 lit. B, office 306, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 195213
From: €20,00 / hour

Photo studio in Saint Petersburg offering versatile photoshoot services with multiple business-style zones and professional facilities.

From:€20,00/ hour
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The studio has one room, which includes three zones: a background zone (strict colors: black, white, grey, blue and brown) and two business-style zones, representing office interiors. One of them is light, in a classic style (white table and shelving group), the second is dark, it has shelves and a table in the loft style, a leather sofa and armchairs, and a coffee table. In both zones there are a lot of props – laptops, books, figurines, diaries, magazines.

Studio JustBusiness offers an ideal environment for professional photoshoot services. The spacious and well-lit room is equipped with high-quality lighting and a variety of props to enhance your photos. The studio is designed to cater to diverse shooting needs, ensuring a perfect backdrop for corporate and business-themed photography. With ample parking available, our photo studio in Saint Petersburg provides convenience and ease for all your photoshoot requirements. Whether you are looking to capture professional headshots, corporate profiles, or product photography, our well-equipped studio promises a seamless and productive experience.

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Square: 51m2, Walls: 3m

Discover our versatile photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg, featuring a background zone and two business-style zones with office interiors. Ideal for professional shoots.
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from  €20,00 / hour
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