Photo Studio: Soul Artspace

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Location: Khodzhanov St 57/3, Almaty 050060
From: €21,00 / hour

SOUL ArtSpace is a premier photo studio in Almaty offering 4 rental halls, a garden, and top-notch equipment for all your photoshoot needs.

From:€21,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

SOUL ArtSpace is 4 rental halls and its own garden. Aputure, GODOX and VISICO equipment and everything necessary for shooting catalogues, lookbooks and private shoots.
Convenient location in the upper part of the city, quick entrance without barriers and passes, for easy unloading. Ground floor.

  • Children’s room;
  • Cyclorama white;
  • Hall with fireplace;
  • Garden;
  • Content Hall;
  • High ceilings 3 metres;
  • Ground floor;
  • Payment by cash or Kaspi QR;
  • Plenty of daylight;
  • Free Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, water;
  • Changeable shoes

SOUL ArtSpace is a versatile photo studio for rent in Almaty, designed to cater to a wide range of photoshoot services. Whether you’re shooting a catalogue, a lookbook, or a private session, our studio is equipped with premium lighting and props to enhance your creative vision. The studio offers a seamless experience with easy access for equipment unloading and is located in a convenient part of the city. With high ceilings, ample natural light, and a variety of props and equipment, SOUL ArtSpace ensures a professional environment for all your photoshoot needs. Enjoy complimentary amenities like free Wi-Fi, beverages, and a comfortable changing area. Our ground-floor location eliminates the hassle of stairs, making it accessible for all clients. Book your session today and experience the best photo studio in Almaty.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Photoshoot Spaces

Photoshoot Space

Children’s Hall

Square: 36m2, Walls: 3m, Visitors: 4

Discover a whimsical 36 m² photoshoot space in Almaty, perfect for capturing the joy of childhood with vibrant colors and playful designs.
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from  €21,00 / hour
Space Detail
Photoshoot Space


Walls: 3m, Visitors: 25

Discover a spacious photoshoot space in Almaty featuring a 5.2x5.2-meter cyclorama, abundant natural light, and all necessary professional equipment.
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from  €21,00 / hour
Space Detail

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