from €21,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: Cyclorama

Photo Studio: Soul Artspace

Location: Khodzhanov St 57/3, Almaty 050060

Discover a spacious photoshoot space in Almaty featuring a 5.2x5.2-meter cyclorama, abundant natural light, and all necessary professional equipment.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Imagine a spacious hall with ceilings reaching for the sky, where your imagination can roam freely. The centerpiece of this space is a 5.2×5.2-meter cyclorama, the perfect platform for bringing your dreamy visions to life.

But it’s not just the majestic cyclorama that makes this place special. There’s also a cozy room with light beige walls, creating a warm atmosphere where you can relax and discuss the details of your project.

And what could be better than natural light? In this hall, it’s abundant, thanks to large windows that let in the sunshine. Additionally, all the necessary professional equipment is available here to make your creativity shine like true magic.

Located in Almaty, this photoshoot space is part of SOUL ArtSpace, a modern and well-equipped photo studio. The studio offers a variety of backgrounds, including fabric and textured walls, to suit different photography styles. The minimalistic design and bright, neutral colors make it an ideal spot for any photoshoot. Whether you’re working on a commercial project, a personal portrait, or creative photography, this photoshoot space for rent provides all the amenities you need, including high ceilings, comfortable seating, and reliable wifi. Embrace the perfect blend of professionalism and creativity at this photo studio in Almaty.

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Big windows
Fabric backgrounds
Textured walls

Absolutely white
Bright colors

Imitation apartment

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€21,00/hour