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Location: 40 Gogol Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan
From: €17,00 / hour

Capture Studio is a premier photo studio in Almaty offering versatile photoshoot spaces equipped with top-notch lighting and props to bring your creative vision to life.

From:€17,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

Capture Studio in Almaty is a perfect place for those who crave creative experiments with lighting, technical equipment, and props. With ample space and a rich selection of props, including a makeup room, the studio embodies any creative concept.

The studio rental includes all the necessary components for a successful shoot: lighting equipment, various props, and assistance from experienced administrators. They are ready not only to set up lighting and equipment but also to offer creative ideas or even act as models if needed.

Capture Studio is designed to meet the diverse needs of photographers, videographers, and creative artists. This photo studio for rent offers an array of high-end equipment and a spacious environment that can be tailored to various photoshoot services. The studio is equipped with modern lighting setups, multiple backdrops, and a wide range of props that cater to different styles and themes. The minimalist decor enhances the flexibility of the space, making it suitable for both professional and amateur photographers.

Located at 40 Gogol Street, Almaty, our photo studio is easily accessible and offers convenient amenities such as internet access, parking, and restroom facilities. The well-lit interiors with large windows provide natural light, complementing artificial lighting for versatile photoshoot conditions. Capture Studio ensures a seamless experience with dedicated support from our team, ensuring every creative project is executed flawlessly.

Whether you are looking to shoot portraits, fashion, product photography, or creative projects, Capture Studio is the ideal photo studio in Almaty to bring your vision to reality. Book your session today and explore the endless possibilities our studio has to offer.

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Photoshoot Spaces

Photoshoot Space


Square: 60m2, Walls: 4m, Visitors: 10

A spacious photoshoot space in Almaty featuring vintage furniture, large windows, and minimalistic decor. Ideal for capturing stunning visuals in a bright, white setting.
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from  €17,00 / hour
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Photoshoot Space


Square: 78m2, Walls: 4m, Visitors: 10

Spacious photoshoot space with white cyclorama, large windows, and minimalist interiors in Almaty. Ideal for versatile photoshoot needs.
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from  €21,00 / hour
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