Photo Studio: Napavilion

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Location: 496A Raiymbek Ave., Almaty
From: €41,00 / hour

NAPavilion is a top-tier photo studio in Almaty, offering a versatile 360 m2 space with the largest cyclorama in Kazakhstan, ideal for all your photoshoot needs.

From:€41,00/ hour
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Functional pavilion with a total area of 360 m2 for professional cameramen, production studios, advertising agencies, photographers with the largest cyclorama in Kazakhstan.

NAPavilion has room for everyone – crew, technicians, actors and producers! We can comfortably accommodate a film crew of more than 100 people.
And we have convenient parking spaces for special equipment and personal vehicles.

NAPavilion is a leading photo studio in Almaty, dedicated to providing exceptional photoshoot services. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed to meet the diverse needs of professional photographers, filmmakers, and advertising agencies. The spacious and versatile environment ensures that all creative visions can be brought to life effectively. With high-speed internet connectivity, ample parking, and well-maintained restrooms, our studio is equipped to handle large-scale productions seamlessly.

Our studio’s unique features include the largest cyclorama in Kazakhstan, allowing for unlimited creativity and flexibility in set design and lighting. Whether you’re working on a commercial shoot, a feature film, or a personal project, NAPavilion offers the perfect backdrop for your work. Our dedicated staff is available to assist with any technical requirements, ensuring a smooth and productive experience.

NAPavilion is strategically located at 496A Raiymbek Ave., Almaty, making it easily accessible for local and international clients. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail makes us the preferred choice for professionals seeking a reliable and high-quality photo studio for rent in Almaty.

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Square: 360m2, Walls: 6m, Visitors: 100

Spacious photoshoot space in Almaty with the largest cyclorama. Ideal for professional operators and photographers. Book now!
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from  €41,00 / hour
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