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Photoshoot Space: Filming Booth

Photo Studio: Napavilion

Location: 496A Raiymbek Ave., Almaty

Spacious photoshoot space in Almaty with the largest cyclorama. Ideal for professional operators and photographers. Book now!

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Introducing the new pavilion spanning a total area of 360 square meters, catering to professional operators, production studios, advertising agencies, and photographers, featuring the largest cyclorama.

Key Features:
– Total studio area: 360 sq.m.
– Ceiling height: 12 meters
– Number of halls: 1
– Capacity: up to 100 people
– Makeup and dressing rooms available
– Equipment: Includes lighting equipment for shooting days, comprising 6 kino flo 4×4 and 2 kino flo 4×2.
– Other features: Green, white, and black fabrics available, covering approximately 100-150 square meters. Black velvet fabric dimensions: 6m x 9m.
– Waiting room provided
– Dedicated 400 Mbps WiFi available at 40,000 KZT per shift
– Free parking
– No café on-site

Exclusive Cyclorama:
– Width: 11 meters
– Length: 18 meters
– Height: 6 meters

Lighting Grid:
– The pavilion features a three-section lighting grid.
– Each section is independently operated by winches, with a minimum height ranging from 0 to 6 meters.
– Load capacity: up to 400 kg

Vehicle Access:
– Dedicated vehicle access for shoots and technical services.
– Rail load capacity: up to 4 tons.
– Gate dimensions: Height: 2.9 meters, Width: 3.3 meters.

Located at NAPavilion in Almaty, this photoshoot space is designed to meet all your professional needs. The studio boasts a minimalist design, ensuring a versatile environment suitable for various types of shoots. It offers a range of fabric backgrounds, including chroma key options, to support creative projects. The spacious setup can comfortably accommodate up to 100 visitors, making it ideal for large-scale productions.

The facility also provides essential amenities such as armchairs, makeup and dressing rooms, and a waiting room. Lighting requirements are well-catered with advanced equipment, including multiple kino flo lights. The lighting grid can handle substantial loads, providing flexibility and control over your lighting setup.

NAPavilion is conveniently located in Almaty and offers free parking for visitors. High-speed WiFi is available to ensure seamless connectivity during your shoot. Although there is no on-site café, the studio’s location in Almaty ensures easy access to nearby dining options.

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