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Location: Elektrozavodskaya Street, 21, Moscow, Russia
From: €85,00 / hour

Discover Photo Studio No. 1, a premier photo studio in Moscow offering multiple unique spaces for diverse photoshoot services. Book your ideal shoot today!

From:€85,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

Many people are faced with the question of choosing the right place for a photo shoot. Some prefer to shoot outdoors or at home, while others choose to conduct a photo shoot in a studio. But why should you choose a studio photo shoot? There are a number of reasons for this, which we will look at.

A photo shoot in the studio makes it possible to avoid a huge number of problems that can be encountered when conducting a photo shoot on the street. The shooting will take place in a closed and comfortable room, where it will be convenient for both the photographer and you.

A studio photo shoot allows you not to be limited by the time of photography, i.e. even in the evening you can have a very bright and lively photo shoot. Also, due to the large number of controllable light sources in the photo studio, it becomes possible to create the necessary style, emphasize the necessary details and hide unnecessary ones, and in general, with correctly set light, photos look better and brighter.

A photo shoot in a studio is also different in that during the filming process you will not be embarrassed or disturbed in any way by strangers, who often direct a curious glance at people participating in street photo shoots. Studio photography gives you the opportunity to relax more and be more natural in the frame.

Only during a studio photo shoot does it become possible to move just a few steps and find yourself in completely different locations. Photo studio No. 1 offers a large number of interiors and backgrounds for filming. So in just one day you can take photographs in completely different stylistically interiors, from antique to modern.

When photographing in a studio, there are special requirements for the quality of makeup. Therefore, the opportunity to immediately and on the spot do beautiful and suitable makeup is of particular relevance. This will save your time, and the makeup done will remain in its original form during the photo shoot.

Photo studio No. 1 has a wide range of different clothes for both women and men, as well as a huge number of accessories, respectively. This will help create the necessary style and make your photos more colorful and impressive.

Working with specialists in a photo studio allows you to appear in completely different and unusual images that you have always dreamed of, as well as make photographs of higher quality and more professional.

Located in the heart of Moscow, Photo Studio No. 1 is your go-to destination for professional photoshoot services. Our studio is designed to offer flexibility and creativity, featuring a variety of backdrops and props to suit any thematic requirement. With state-of-the-art lighting equipment, photographers can capture every detail with precision, ensuring that each shot is perfect. Our dedicated makeup artists are available to provide on-the-spot beauty services, ensuring that you look your best for every frame. Additionally, our extensive wardrobe collection allows you to experiment with different styles, making each photoshoot unique and memorable. Whether you are looking to capture family portraits, fashion shoots, or corporate headshots, our photo studio for rent offers the ideal environment to bring your vision to life. Experience the best in photoshoot services at Photo Studio No. 1, the premier photo studio in Moscow.

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Versatile photoshoot space in Moscow featuring a cozy fireplace, comfortable bed, fully equipped kitchen, and professional cyclorama. Ideal for diverse photography needs.
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