Photo Studio: Studio 384

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Location: 21 Elektrozavodskaya Street, Building 3, Moscow, Russia
From: €16,00 / hour

STUDIO 384 offers premium photo studio in Moscow with multiple versatile photoshoot spaces, ideal for professional sessions and ready-made shooting solutions.

From:€16,00/ hour
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Photo studio rental
A snow-white hall with panoramic windows, a minimalist interior and an abundance of light.
A choice of backgrounds, lighting equipment and a wardrobe with modern clothes.

STUDIO 384 is your ultimate destination for top-notch photoshoot services in Moscow. Our photo studio for rent is designed to cater to a wide range of creative needs, providing professional photographers and clients with a versatile and well-equipped environment. The spacious setting ensures ample room for creativity, with natural light flooding through the panoramic windows to enhance your shots. Our minimalist interior design creates a clean and modern backdrop, perfect for capturing stunning images.

We offer a variety of backgrounds and high-quality lighting equipment to ensure your photoshoot is perfect in every way. Additionally, our wardrobe is stocked with contemporary and stylish clothing options to suit diverse themes and styles. Whether you are looking to conduct a fashion shoot, product photography, or a personal portrait session, STUDIO 384 provides the ideal setup for all your creative projects.

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Square: 55m2

Our WHITE Hall in Moscow is a photoshoot space with ample light, pristine white walls, and a minimalist interior to enhance your beautiful photographs.
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from  €16,00 / hour
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