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Location: 21 Elektrozavodskaya Street, Moscow, Russia
From: €8,00 / hour

Studio Kraft offers versatile photo studio in Moscow with unique settings for your creative projects and professional photoshoots.

From:€8,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

Our photo studio is an art space with an area of 250 square meters, consisting of 3 halls with a large number of shooting locations, just 5 minutes from the Elektrozavodskaya metro station.

We have a spacious guest area where you can drink tea or coffee, free Wi-Fi and always a cozy atmosphere. For your convenience, we have a terminal for card payments.

Each photo studio room has 3 light sources, various attachments and diffusers that create the most comfortable working environment; it is possible to install a stand for paper photo backdrops. Large selection of additional equipment and props.

There are both separate dressing rooms for preliminary preparation and in each hall.

We love our customers!

Studio Kraft is a top destination for photoshoot services in Moscow. As a premier photo studio for rent, we provide a professional environment for all types of photography needs. Our facilities are designed to accommodate both amateur and professional photographers, ensuring the best possible results for your projects. The studio is equipped with modern amenities and high-quality equipment, making it a preferred choice for fashion, portrait, and product photography. Our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent service, ensuring a seamless and productive photoshoot experience. Whether you’re working on a commercial campaign or a personal project, Studio Kraft offers the perfect setting to bring your vision to life.

Photoshoot Spaces

Photoshoot Space


Square: 35m2, Walls: 6m, Visitors: 5

Discover GRAY, a compact photoshoot space in Moscow. Perfect for intimate shoots, it features a white cyclorama, grayscale walls, and versatile lighting options.
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from  €8,00 / hour
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Photoshoot Space


Square: 65m2, Walls: 6m, Visitors: 10

Discover a 65 m² Loft-style photoshoot space in Moscow. Perfect for creative projects with varied props, textured walls, and professional lighting.
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from  €10,00 / hour
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Photoshoot Space


Square: 100m2, Walls: 6m, Visitors: 10

Spacious and bright Loft-style photoshoot space in Moscow. Ideal for catalog and portfolio photography with panoramic windows and versatile props.
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from  €12,00 / hour
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