Studio No.8

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пл. Карла Фаберже, д. 8е, Saint Petersburg, Russia
From: €12,00 / hour
From:€12,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

This is a professional interior photo studio in St. Petersburg. Covering an area of 1000 square meters, it features 4 diverse photo rooms, a welcome area, several dressing rooms, and a workspace for photo retouching. One of the main advantages of the photo studio is the presence of a huge cyclorama in the PRO room.

Photo Studio Facilities



Studio LOFT

Square: 184m2, Room wall: 5m

More than 10 wall textures, multi-level zoning space, music center, suitable for hosting parties.
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from  €12,00 / hour
Room Detail

Studio PRO

Square: 110m2, Room wall: 5m

Natural light, panoramic windows, cyclorama, two additional textured walls, a dressing room in the hall, paper backdrops, heated floor.
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from  €12,00 / hour
Room Detail

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7(812) 418-80-58

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