INK Photostudio

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INK Photostudio, Puuvilla 19c, Tallinn, Estonia
From: €35,00 / hour
From:€35,00/ hour
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Experience the full spectrum of our studio’s offerings with the rental cost encompassing access to all interior zones, a makeup station, cyclorama, furniture, and equipment.

Unlock creative freedom within our 96m² space, complemented by a spacious 25m² cyclorama and a generous ceiling height of 3.5m. Your rental covers the utilization of various interior zones, a dedicated makeup station, and access to our furniture and equipment.

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Internet – Wifi


INK photostudio

Square: 96m2, Room wall: 3m

Unlock creative freedom with our studio rental – encompassing all interior spaces, a makeup table, cyclorama, furniture, and equipment.
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from  €35,00 / hour
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+372 555 90 469

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