Photo Studio: Inlight Photostudio

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Location: INLIGHT Photostudio, Peterburi tee, Tallinn, Estonia
From: €40,00 / hour

INLIGHT Photostudio is a versatile photo studio in Tallinn, offering diverse photoshoot services including portraits, parties, and creative projects.

From:€40,00/ hour
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This photo studio has a large room with mirrors, upholstered furniture and various accessories.
Walls with brickwork and decorative plaster. Also in the studio there are many lighting options such as: studio flashes, constant video light, light-shaping attachments, stands, crane, as well as 26 stencil attachments for projecting static images. There are also colored backgrounds and LED lamps. A flexible or “liquid” mirror allows you to create beautiful highlights on the cyclorama, opening up a lot of scope for creativity in portrait photography. There is an opportunity to host a bachelorette party or birthday.

INLIGHT Photostudio is an ideal photo studio for rent in Tallinn, designed to cater to various photography needs. The studio boasts a spacious environment adorned with stylish decor, combining modern and classic elements to create a visually appealing backdrop for your photoshoots. The availability of multiple lighting options, including LED lamps and colored backgrounds, ensures that photographers can achieve the perfect lighting setup for any session.

Additionally, the studio offers essential amenities such as parking and toilet facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience for all visitors. Whether you are looking to capture stunning portraits or host memorable events like bachelorette parties or birthdays, INLIGHT Photostudio provides the perfect setting to bring your creative visions to life. Book your session today and explore the endless possibilities offered by this premier photo studio in Tallinn.

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Versatile photoshoot space in Tallinn with various decorations, ideal for filming, birthdays, and bachelorette parties. Book this vibrant studio today.
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from  €40,00 / hour
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