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Location: Kopli 27, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia
From: €40,00 / hour

Legato offers a versatile 183 sq. m. photo studio in Tallinn with natural and artificial light, diverse interiors, and dress rentals.

From:€40,00/ hour
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At your disposal 183 sq. m. creative space, a large hall with natural and artificial light, varied interior and decor, paper backgrounds, which is suitable for all types of shooting: advertising, fashion, wedding, family, individual photo sessions and video shooting in a photo studio. The dry bath is part of the interior and, if desired, can be used for a photo shoot. The studio also offers dress rentals. And filming in a bathtub with water.

This versatile photo studio in Tallinn provides an ideal setting for various photoshoot services. Whether you’re planning an advertising campaign, fashion shoot, wedding portraits, or family photos, Legato’s spacious environment caters to all needs. The blend of natural and artificial lighting options ensures optimal conditions for capturing perfect shots, while the diverse decor and paper backgrounds offer an array of creative possibilities. Additionally, the studio includes a luxurious dry bath that can be incorporated into your shoot, adding a unique touch to your images. With the option to rent elegant dresses, Legato ensures a comprehensive photoshoot experience. The space is meticulously designed to accommodate individual and group sessions, making it a prime choice for professional and personal photography. Our photo studio for rent in Tallinn is equipped to handle video shoots as well, providing the flexibility required for dynamic projects.

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Discover an elegant photoshoot space in Tallinn featuring a luxurious chandelier and diverse, beautifully styled locations. Perfect for capturing stunning shots.
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