Квартира на Тулебаева

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улица Тулебаева 49/1, Almaty, Kazakhstan
From: €21,00 / hour
From:€21,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

Studio Apartment “Квартира на Тулебаева” in Almaty is a unique and versatile space that serves multiple purposes beyond being just a workshop and a gathering place for friends. This charming apartment is available for hourly rental, making it an ideal location for a wide range of activities.

The apartment provides a cozy and inspiring environment perfect for hosting master classes, recording podcasts and interviews, and shooting reels and TikToks. Its versatile layout and welcoming atmosphere also make it an excellent choice for photo shoots, whether for professional photography or casual snapshots.

In addition to its appeal for media production and creative projects, “Квартира на Тулебаева” is well-suited for educational and professional events. You can organize lectures, presentations, and small seminars in this inviting space, taking advantage of its intimate yet professional setting.

Located in a convenient area, the apartment combines the comfort of a home with the functionality of a studio, offering a unique blend of personal and professional appeal. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, or event organizer, “Квартира на Тулебаева” provides the perfect backdrop to bring your ideas to life and make your projects stand out.

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Internet – Wifi



Square: 66m2, Room wall: 2m

Photo shoots, lectures and presentations can be organised
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from  €21,00 / hour
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