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Photoshoot Space: Apartment

Photo Studio: Kvartira Na Tulebayeva

Location: 49/1 Tulebaeva Street, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Versatile photoshoot space in Almaty, ideal for photo shoots, lectures, and presentations. Spacious 66 m² with essential equipment and amenities.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

The photo studio, covering a total area of 66 square meters, offers a spacious and well-equipped environment perfect for various photography needs. With a single hall that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people, it provides ample space for both small and medium-sized projects.

While the studio does not have a dedicated makeup room, it compensates with an array of essential technical equipment. Photographers will find two softboxes, a boom arm, a tripod, and a lightbox at their disposal, ensuring they have the tools necessary to create high-quality images.

Despite the absence of a waiting room, the studio ensures a pleasant experience for all visitors with complimentary tea and coffee available from the on-site café. Additionally, the facility is equipped with WiFi, allowing guests to stay connected and share their work in real time.

Parking is made easy with shared parking facilities, providing convenience for those driving to the studio. Whether you’re conducting a photo shoot, hosting a small event, or working on a creative project, this photo studio offers the ideal setting with its blend of space, equipment, and amenities.

This photoshoot space for rent in Almaty is designed to resemble a modern apartment, featuring light and neutral color tones. The large windows allow for ample natural light, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. It’s equipped with essential furniture like armchairs, sofas, and workspaces, making it versatile for various types of shoots.

The imitation kitchen setup adds a unique touch, providing an excellent backdrop for lifestyle and culinary photography. The studio’s strategic layout and decor make it suitable not only for photography but also for hosting small events, workshops, and presentations. The availability of WiFi ensures that you can stay connected and share your work seamlessly.

Located in Almaty, this photo studio offers a convenient and professional environment for photographers and creatives. The shared parking facilities add to the convenience, making it easy for you and your team to access the location. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and functionality in this well-designed photoshoot space in Almaty.

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