I remember the first time I saw ‘The Scream’ by Edward Munch. puzzled, I looked at the swirls of vibrant color and unconventional brush strokes, puzzled and fascinated. ‘What does this even mean?’ was my gut reaction at a tender age of eight. Now haven’t you stared at such a painting, equally puzzled at art’s ability to break the boundaries, escape the traditional, and explore the unknown?

That’s the beauty of abstraction. It pulls you out of your comfort zone, throws away predictability, and dances in the open arms of imagination. And this charismatic chaos can nestle into the realm of photography, too. Did you know that only 15% of photographers pursue abstract themes? Astonishing, considering the creative freedom and expressive power it offers.

What is Abstract Photoshoot?

Like abstract art, abstract photography—or more specifically, abstract photoshoots—entails shooting a subject in a non-objective, non-literal manner. The focus shifts from capturing a pristine landscape or detailed portrait to evoking an emotion, a reaction, perhaps even a thought that nags at your mind days after you viewed the image.

‘But how does one start with abstract photoshoots?’, I can imagine you asking. Well, here’s a secret – start by breaking the rules. Dismiss the notion of traditional composition, and embrace the unexpected inconsistencies. It’s not about what you see, but how you see it!’

Unconventional? Yes. Challenging? Definitely. Exciting? Let’s embark on this journey of abstract photoshoots together to find out!

Mix and Blur: Fool Around with Focus

You read that right. Deciding not to decide could be your first step towards abstract photography. Shoot out of focus intentionally, and you’ll enter a realm where shapes blur into each other, colors fuse, and reality morphs into a dream-like haze. And this craziness could be exciting!

‘Seriously? Shooting out of focus on purpose?’ you might doubt. Well, remember the time you used the ‘bokeh’ modus and fall in love with it? It’s kind of the same – though far more experimental!

Keep It Moving

Motion blur is an offbeat, yet striking tool in the abstract photography arsenal. A swift bird cutting through the sky, a bustling city captured from a fast-moving vehicle, or waves crashing against the shore can all transform into magical realism when captured with a slow shutter speed. These instances of abstract photoshoots instill an artistic sense of motion. Your subjects don’t sit for a portrait; they dance on the canvas of your photo!

Conceptual photoshoots often use motion blur to create compelling narratives. But did you realize it mingles rather well with abstract photoshoots too?

Twist the Perspective

How about taking that ‘world upside down’ or ‘sideways glance’ concept literally? Ever admired Escher’s blend of illusion and reality, where staircases seem to lead everywhere and nowhere? Twist your camera angle, experiment with focal lengths, play with mirrors, and you might find yourself closer to creating such illusionary abstract masterpieces.

Try shooting through prisms, glass, or water to create distortions that could beautifully abstractify your subject. How about the intricate intertwining branches of a large tree or the twisted iron on a wrought gate? The possibilities are endless!

Get Abstract with Post-Processing

The magic doesn’t end with the camera click. Digital technology has opened wide horizons for experimentation in the post-processing realm. You could use image editing tools to morph your subject further, blending elements, blurring details, adding graphic shapes—the canvas of exploration is as vast as your imagination could stretch.

So, are you ready to let your creativity off the leash? To capture the essence and not just the image? Abstract passages are awaiting their photographers. Don’t you want to join this enthralling journey of abstract photoshoots?