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Photoshoot Space: Studio

Photo Studio: Lynxstudio

Location: 265m² Daylight Rental Studio/Photo Studio for Rent Berlin, Urbanstrasse, Berlin, Germany

Unlock your creative potential at Lynxstudio, a loft-style daylight photoshoot space in Berlin perfect for various shoots.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Whether it’s an intimate photoshoot or an extensive production, our studio is open to everyone. The industrial allure of the loft, complemented by abundant natural light and carefully selected interiors, creates a welcoming ambiance. Covering 260 square meters, our studio includes a dedicated makeup room and two bathrooms. The rental package seamlessly incorporates professional lighting technology, and additional equipment can be optionally secured, as detailed in our comprehensive equipment list. Moreover, we offer two steamers, a wind machine, and a fog machine for special effects, all encompassed in the rental package. Novices can benefit from an introduction to available technology, and we provide the option to hire professional photographers, makeup artists, and assistants.

Situated in the heart of Berlin, Lynxstudio offers a versatile photoshoot space for rent that is perfect for both professional and amateur photographers. The studio’s expansive 260 m² area, adorned with big windows and brick walls, provides a unique and inspiring setting. The space features a cyclorama, chroma key, and various fabric backgrounds, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of any photoshoot. Additionally, it is equipped with WiFi, a sofa, and textured walls to enhance your creative projects. The loft-like environment is designed to imitate an apartment, offering a homely yet professional atmosphere. With conditions suitable for newborn photography, seminars, master classes, and even shoots involving animals, Lynxstudio is the ideal photo studio in Berlin for any creative endeavor.

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Big windows
Brick wall
Chroma Key
Fabric backgrounds
Textured walls

Locations of different colors

Imitation apartment

Conditions for newborn photography
Conditions for seminars and master classes
Photographing with animals
Setting the light outside the window (for video)

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€90,00/hour


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