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Location: 265m² Daylight Rental Studio/Photo Studio for Rent Berlin, Urbanstrasse, Berlin, Germany
From: €90,00 / hour

Lynxstudio: Your premier photo studio in Berlin, offering a loft-style daylight studio perfect for various photoshoot services.

From:€90,00/ hour
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Rent a loft-style daylight photo studio in Berlin at Lynxstudio. Managed by photographer and DoP Sebastian Kiener. Whether it’s an intimate photoshoot or a large-scale production, everyone is welcome in our studio. The industrial aesthetic of the loft is complemented by abundant natural light and carefully selected interiors, creating a warm atmosphere. The studio spans 260 square meters, featuring a dedicated makeup room and two bathrooms. Professional lighting technology is included in the rental price and is always at your disposal. Additional equipment can be optionally booked, and a comprehensive list is available for reference. Additionally, we provide two steamers, a wind machine, and a fog machine for special effects, all included in the rental. Beginners can benefit from an introduction to the available technology, and we also offer the option to book professional photographers, makeup artists, and assistants.

Our photo studio for rent is designed to cater to photographers, filmmakers, and creatives of all kinds. The spacious 260m² area ensures that you have ample room to bring your vision to life. The exposed brick walls and large windows provide a perfect backdrop, blending an industrial charm with a cozy ambiance. The studio is equipped with high-speed internet and reliable WiFi, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your shoot. The dedicated makeup room is well-lit and spacious, allowing for comfortable preparations.

At Lynxstudio, we prioritize your creative process. Our professional lighting equipment is top-notch, and if you need additional tools, we have a wide array of options available. The steamers, wind machine, and fog machine are perfect for adding unique effects to your shoots. For those new to using such equipment, we offer thorough introductions to ensure you get the most out of your session. Furthermore, our network of professional photographers, makeup artists, and assistants are available to be booked, providing comprehensive photoshoot services to meet all your needs. Lynxstudio is not just a photo studio in Berlin; it’s a creative haven where your ideas can flourish.

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Square: 260m2

Unlock your creative potential at Lynxstudio, a loft-style daylight photoshoot space in Berlin perfect for various shoots.
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from  €90,00 / hour
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