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Location: 14 Mantulinskaya Street, Moscow, Russia
From: €6,00 / hour

LUK is a cozy loft photo studio in Moscow offering multiple unique spaces for versatile photoshoot services.

From:€6,00/ hour
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Cozy loft video studio in the center of Moscow in the once residential basement of a Stalinist house built in 1939
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to get into the studio, you just need to enter from the street, we have a separate main entrance

we are located in the center of Moscow, a 10-minute walk from Moscow City opposite the entrance to the beautiful Krasnaya Presnya Park and a 10-minute walk from the metro station “Ulitsa 1905 Goda” or “Business Center”

we have free parking and delicious coffee

Discover the charm of our cozy loft photo studio in Moscow, designed to cater to all your photoshoot services and video production needs. Our studio offers a unique blend of historical ambiance and modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and inspiring environment for your creative projects. With easy access and a separate main entrance, you can enjoy hassle-free entry to our space. We are conveniently located just a short walk from key metro stations and the scenic Krasnaya Presnya Park, making our studio the perfect choice for any photo studio for rent in Moscow. Additionally, we provide free parking and complimentary delicious coffee to enhance your experience. Whether you are looking to shoot a professional photoshoot or a creative video, our versatile photo studio in Moscow is equipped to meet your needs.

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Photoshoot Spaces

Photoshoot Space

Hall No. 3

Square: 40m2, Walls: 2m, Visitors: 5

This photoshoot space in Moscow features a classic library setting with vintage furniture. Ideal for video shoots and online broadcasts with great sound quality.
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from  €12,00 / hour
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Photoshoot Space

Hall No. 2

Square: 25m2, Walls: 2m

A small, cozy, quiet photoshoot space for modeling and video shooting in Moscow.
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from  €6,00 / hour
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Photoshoot Space

Hall #1

Square: 25m2, Walls: 2m

Photoshoot space featuring a brick wall and a white wall with glowing glass blocks in Moscow. Customize backgrounds with white or black options. Ideal for versatile shoots.
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from  €6,00 / hour
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