Studio Las

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Racjonalizacji 6/8, 02-673 Warszawa, Poland
From: €160,00 / hour
From:€160,00/ hour
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About this photo studio

Studio Las is a unique photo and film space in the heart of Mokotów and just 2 km from the Chopin Airport. Since 2011, countless projects have taken place with us. Industrial interiors and a homely atmosphere are our hallmarks. You will find three different studios with us, the size of which you can adjust to your needs. They can be from 160 to 500 square meters. You will implement each of your projects with us not only easily but also with pleasure. 

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi


Studio 2

Square: 324m2, Room wall: 6m

Studio 2
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from  €180,00 / hour
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Studio 1

Square: 162m2, Room wall: 6m

Studio 1
0 / 5 Not Rated (No Review)
from  €160,00 / hour
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