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Location: 52.1826550, 20.9891975
From: €30,00 / hour

KOSKA Photography Studio is a top-tier photo studio in Warsaw, equipped for professional photo and video shoots, also suitable for workshops.

From:€30,00/ hour
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We are a professional photography studio. We have everything you need for photo and video shoots, as well as workshops! We have a spacious hall with daylight, modern lighting equipment and an interior that can be transformed to suit your creative purposes.

KOSKA Photography Studio offers a range of photoshoot services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our photo studio for rent in Warsaw is designed to provide a seamless experience, whether you’re working on a professional photo shoot, video production, or creative workshop. The studio is equipped with fast Internet – Wifi, ample parking, and modern toilet facilities for your convenience.

The studio’s versatile interior is perfect for any project, featuring adjustable lighting setups and customizable backgrounds. Our space aims to inspire creativity and provide a comfortable working environment. With various props and furniture available, you can transform the space to match your vision, ensuring every detail aligns with your creative goals.

Located in the heart of Warsaw, our photo studio is easily accessible and provides a professional atmosphere for all your photography and videography needs. Whether you’re an established photographer, an emerging artist, or someone looking to host a workshop, KOSKA Photography Studio is the ideal choice for your next project.

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Dynamic photoshoot space in Warsaw tailored for seamless photo and video shoots, offering various backgrounds, diverse chairs, and accessories designed for creativity.
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from  €30,00 / hour
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