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INLIGHT Photostudio, Peterburi tee, Tallinn, Estonia
From: €40,00 / hour
From:€40,00/ hour
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This photo studio has a large room with mirrors, upholstered furniture and various accessories.
Walls with brickwork and decorative plaster. Also in the studio there are many lighting options such as: studio flashes, constant video light, light-shaping attachments, stands, crane, as well as 26 stencil attachments for projecting static images. There are also colored backgrounds and LED lamps. A flexible or “liquid” mirror allows you to create beautiful highlights on the cyclorama, opening up a lot of scope for creativity in portrait photography. There is an opportunity to host a bachelorette party or birthday.

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The studio has a lot of decorations that can be used during filming, and there is also the possibility of holding a birthday or bachelorette party.
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from  €40,00 / hour
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