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проспект Сейфуллина 555а, Almaty, Kazakhstan
From: €35,00 / hour
From:€35,00/ hour
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Introducing “Kosmos,” the premier pavilion for commercial shoots in Almaty, offering a spacious area of 275 square meters. The main shooting hall measures 14.6 by 11.7 meters, with a height reaching up to 5.5 meters to accommodate various setups. Equipped with four motorized grids and wide gates, it’s ideal for elaborate decorations and sets.

The pavilion boasts extensive facilities, including a large makeup room, dressing area with a fitting room, catering zone complete with a refrigerator and microwave, and two restrooms. With 40 kW of electricity available, it caters to high-power equipment needs.

Designed specifically for professional shoots, Kosmos ensures a conducive environment with no residential buildings nearby. Additionally, there are three bars available underneath the pavilion, adding to its versatility as an event venue.

Further amenities include a powerful sound system, LED screens, projectors, stage lighting, and false walls. Discounts for long-term bookings are negotiable, making Kosmos the perfect choice for all your shooting and event needs.

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Square: 180m2, Room wall: 5m

Scaffolding is available for securing equipment to beams
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from  €35,00 / hour
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+7 707 066 98 48

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