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Filming booth

Photo Studio: NAPavilion

The largest cyclorama in Almaty

Introducing the new pavilion spanning a total area of 360 square meters, catering to professional operators, production studios, advertising agencies, and photographers, featuring the largest cyclorama.

Key Features:
– Total studio area: 360 sq.m.
– Ceiling height: 12 meters
– Number of halls: 1
– Capacity: up to 100 people
– Makeup and dressing rooms available
– Equipment: Includes lighting equipment for shooting days, comprising 6 kino flo 4×4 and 2 kino flo 4×2.
– Other features: Green, white, and black fabrics available, covering approximately 100-150 square meters. Black velvet fabric dimensions: 6m x 9m.
– Waiting room provided
– Dedicated 400 Mbps WiFi available at 40,000 KZT per shift
– Free parking
– No café on-site

Exclusive Cyclorama:
– Width: 11 meters
– Length: 18 meters
– Height: 6 meters

Lighting Grid:
– The pavilion features a three-section lighting grid.
– Each section is independently operated by winches, with a minimum height ranging from 0 to 6 meters.
– Load capacity: up to 400 kg

Vehicle Access:
– Dedicated vehicle access for shoots and technical services.
– Rail load capacity: up to 4 tons.
– Gate dimensions: Height: 2.9 meters, Width: 3.3 meters.

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Price for photo studio rent€41,00/hour