Do you remember the thrill of discovering a new playground as a child? The world seemed vast and filled with endless possibilities for adventure. As photographers, we experience a similar delight in uncovering unique locations for our shoots, each one a new playground of creativity. But have you ever considered stepping out of the usual studio setting or well-trodden location spots?

Did you know that over 80% of photographers stick to standard locations for their shoots? You might be wondering, ‘Why should I be amongst the unconventional 20%?’ Well, allowing your creative juices to flow in unfamiliar territories can result in some incredibly captivating visuals. And besides, who doesn’t love a good surprise?

Let’s embark on a visual journey to explore five unconventional spaces that might just turn into your new favorite photoshoot location.

1. Abandoned Buildings

‘Creepy’ and ‘abandoned’ aren’t usually the first words that come to mind when planning a photoshoot, but hear me out. The eerie silence, the dilapidated structures, and the remnants of forgotten stories – abandoned locations are a treasure trove of visual drama waiting to be captured.

2. Greenhouses and Botanical Gardens

Think about it. Where else can you find such a riot of color, vibrant energy, and an assortment of exotic species? The beauty of botanical gardens and greenhouses is that they offer a dynamic background that can change with each frame. Imagine shooting at golden hour, with the sun’s radiance piercing through the glass panels – a truly magical setting!

3. Antique Stores

‘Well, I’m just here for the antiques,’ said no photographer ever. Or perhaps, not yet. Antique stores, with their vintage charm and timeless pieces, can serve as an excellent backdrop for a photo shoot. Close-ups of tarnished silverware, macro shots of intricate tapestry details, or your model seated nonchalantly on an antique Victorian-era couch – it’s time to create some photographic time capsules.

4. Rooftops

Don’t overlook the potential of this high-rise space. “But it’s just a city view,” you might argue. Well, think again. With the endless cityscape stretching beyond, the setting sun painting the sky, and the unique architectural elements, rooftops offer a panoramic visual treat that can add a dramatic edge to your photos.

5. Laundromats

Yes, you read that right – laundromats. A vibrant palette of pastel colours, an array of geometric patterns from the machines, and the distinctive, nostalgia-inducing atmosphere make laundromats a quirky yet appealing choice for a photoshoot location. So, next time you’re doing your laundry, don’t forget to take a moment and appreciate this unexpected treasure trove of visual aesthetics.

Exploring these unconventional spaces for your photoshoots not only expands your creative boundaries but also adds a fresh, unique touch to your portfolio. We often limit ourselves to the rulebook of ‘ideal’ locations, but breaking free and embracing the unusual can lead to extraordinary outcomes.

So, are you ready to turn the world into your playground and redefine your creative boundaries? Remember, adventure lies in the unknown – and who knows, your next masterpiece might just be waiting around the corner in the most unexpected location. Go out, explore, and let your lens capture the wonders that are yet to be discovered.