‘Just walk a little farther, it’ll be worth it!’ Those were the words echoing in my mind as I trudged up the steep Cusquenian slope, my camera gear on my back, seemingly growing heavier with every step. Ever found yourself in a similar situation, trying to capture that perfect shot in less than perfect conditions?

Well, let me tell you something. When I finally stood atop the hill, catching my breath and surveying the breath-taking panorama of the sun setting over Cusco, I knew every gasping breath was absolutely worth it. This…this was the magic of travel photography, writing pictures in the canvas of the world, one frame at a time.

The Undeniable Appeal of Travel Photography

‘Did you know travel photographers can easily shoot up to a whopping 20,000 images in a week-long trip?’, says noted photojournalist, Ansel Adams. That’s nearly 3000 shots a day! Bet you never put that camera down, do you?

Travel photography is not just about clicking nice pictures. It’s about capturing a moment, a story, a culture. It’s about respecting and reflecting the essence of a place, its people with authencity. As ethical travel photography advocates, it’s an art that requires care, respect, and a lot of dedication.

Embarking on a Pictorial Journey

‘I could show you mesmerizing back-lanes in Turkey, or the lavender-fields in Provence!’, I’d often find myself saying to my friends. But then, I’d grin and add, ‘But hey, why not pack your gear and see for yourself?’ So, I guess it’s high time we explored the top 10 destinations every travel photographer should visit, yes? Let’s go!

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Perhaps no other place on earth manifests Mother Nature’s prowess as splendidly as Iceland. Smoke-spewing volcanoes, transient glaciers, mesmerizing Northern Lights; the photographic opportunities are endless. Ah, don’t miss out on the whimsical whims of Icelandic horses!

2. Marrakech, Morocco

After the icy charms of Iceland, it’s time to soak in some sunshine! With its brilliant hues, lively souks, ornate architecture, and the ever-hustling Jemma el-Fnaa, Marrakech is truly a feast for photographers. Remember to be respectful of local traditions while capturing the city’s vibrant spirit.

3. Kyoto, Japan

‘Can you hear the whisper of cherry blossoms in spring?’ I once asked, enchanted by Kyoto’s Sakura season. From Fushimi Inari’s striking red torii gates to resplendent Zen gardens, from serene tea ceremonies to elusive Geishas, Kyoto is nothing short of a poetry in motion.

4. Havana, Cuba

Havana beckons with its vintage charm, sun-dappled streets, colourful Spanish colonial architecture and those timeless classic cars. ‘Click, click, click! Oh, the rhythm of my camera surely matches the pulsating Salsa beats of this charismatic city.’

5. Deadvlei, Namibia

‘An ornate graveyard under the scorching sun’—that’s Deadvlei for you. Its barren tree skeletons against the stark white clay pan, enveloped by blindingly bright sand dunes, create an eerily beautiful photographs that evoke profound emotions. It’s a surreal, alien landscape like no other.

6. Jaipur, India

Step into a symphony of colours as you navigate the bustling bazaars, spectacular forts, and royal palaces of Jaipur. Don’t forget to capture the ethereal charm of ‘Hawa Mahal’ at dawn. The myriad hues of India will leave an indelible stroke on your travel photography palette.

7. Cusco, Peru

‘Remember that uphill trudge I was talking about? That’s here in Cusco.’ Explore ancient Inca architecture, rustic Andean villages, and step into the lost world of Machu Picchu. A rendezvous with history unlike any other.

8. Venice, Italy

Venice, the floating city of dreams, is sure to ignite your creative spirits. Enchanting canals, grandiose architecture, mesmerizing mask shops — all echoing with soulful Italian arias.

9. Petra, Jordan

The fascinating rose-red city of Petra, brimming with ancient stories etched in stone, surely deserves a place in your photography bucket list.

10. Svalbard, Norway

Finally, brace yourself for the frigid winds of Svalbard. Shimmering icebergs, frolicking polar bears, and the ethereal Aurora Borealis – enough to make even the most hardened travelers teary-eyed.

‘So, ready for an adventure?’