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Photoshoot Space: White Hall

Photo Studio: Fabrik Studio

Location: 3 Romana Dashkevycha Street, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

White Hall is a versatile photoshoot space in Lviv with panoramic windows, cyclorama, and ample daylight. Perfect for events and creative projects.

White Hall is a creative space for your ideas. A snow-white hall with an area of ​​180 square meters, with panoramic windows, columns and a cyclorama.
Its parameters: – depth – 4.20 m – height – 3.50 m – width – 5.40 m
White Hall can accommodate up to 45 people at a time, so it is perfect for organizing parties, corporate events or birthdays.

In the summer from 8 to 21 you can work here with daylight, in the winter – from the second half of the day with studio light. Ceiling mounts allow for fitness and sports photography and video shooting, where it is necessary to use special canvases or TRX.

The hall rental price includes:
– 3 pulsed light sources
It could be:
– 3 pulses
– 2 pulses + constant
– 1 impulse + 2 constant We can provide constant light ONLY by prior reservation!
– 2 backgrounds (change or promotion of the background is possible only by the administrator) – Optional light-shaping attachments

Located in the heart of Lviv, White Hall offers a serene and versatile photoshoot space for rent. With its expansive 180 m² area, this photo studio in Lviv ensures a spacious and well-lit environment, ideal for photoshoots, events, and creative projects. The cyclorama, panoramic windows, and columns provide a unique backdrop for any setting. Additionally, the space is equipped with essential lighting options, offering flexibility for various shooting needs. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a fitness shoot, or a creative session, White Hall is the perfect choice for your next project.

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