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Photoshoot Space: Vintage

Photo Studio: F11 Studio

Location: 4 Vyacheslava Lypynskoho Street, Kyiv, Ukraine

Charming vintage-style photoshoot space in Kyiv, featuring wood-paneled walls, massive columns, oak parquet flooring, and a balcony.

Interior hall in vintage style with a balcony. Interior with wood paneled walls, massive columns and oak parquet flooring. Dressing room corridor and large opening doors in the color of sea waves. The total size of the hall is 8×8 meters. Ceiling – 4.20 m. Four large arched windows, 1.5×2.5 meters and a balcony, 1.5×5 meters, south side (direct sun in spring and summer from 12:00 to 17:00). There are thick brown curtains on the windows. Ancient ceilings with rich stucco and colorful paintings.

800 hryvnias/hour – when renting from 2 hours.
UAH 1,000 – hall rental for 1 hour.
Hall rental including basic equipment for 3 PROFOTO D1 500 AIR flashes
OR permanent video light with GODOX SL200 II softboxes – up to 2 devices.
Filming and large projects in the studio – are calculated separately depending on the circumstances and scale of filming (from UAH 1,000)
1 hour (60 minutes) – the minimum time for extending the halls and dressing rooms.
10 people – the maximum number of filming participants in one room, more than 10 people – additional room rental is required!!!

Located in the heart of Kyiv, this vintage photoshoot space offers a unique atmosphere perfect for capturing timeless moments. The hall features stunning wood-paneled walls, massive columns, and exquisite oak parquet flooring, all contributing to its classic charm. The space boasts a dressing room corridor and large sea wave-colored doors that add a touch of elegance. With a generous size of 8×8 meters and a ceiling height of 4.20 meters, the room provides ample space for creative projects. The four large arched windows, each measuring 1.5×2.5 meters, ensure plenty of natural light, especially from the south-facing balcony, which receives direct sunlight from noon to 5 PM during the spring and summer months. The thick brown curtains add a touch of privacy and contrast beautifully with the ancient ceilings adorned with rich stucco and colorful paintings. This versatile photoshoot space for rent also includes basic equipment options, such as PROFOTO D1 500 AIR flashes or GODOX SL200 II softboxes, making it ideal for both photography and videography projects. Whether you’re working on a small photoshoot or a large-scale filming project, this photo studio in Kyiv offers the perfect setting to bring your vision to life.

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