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Photoshoot Space: TERRA

Photo Studio: Prostranstvo

Location: 38/61 Tulebaeva Street, Block C, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Explore 'TERRA', a spacious 64 m² photoshoot space in Almaty. Perfect for creative projects with top-notch lighting equipment and stylish interiors.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

At the rate of 12000 KZT per hour, Prostranstvo invites you to its expansive studio spanning 64 square meters. This generous space provides ample room for your creative pursuits, whether you’re capturing stunning photographs, shooting captivating videos, or conducting artistic projects.

Equipped with two powerful Godox DP600 flash units and a reliable Godox 150/200 continuous light, this studio ensures you have the necessary lighting equipment to achieve professional results. With each hour of rental including 55 minutes of dedicated shooting time, you’ll have the freedom to explore your ideas and bring your vision to life without constraints.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, Prostranstvo offers the ideal environment to unleash your creativity and produce exceptional work.

Located in the heart of Almaty, ‘TERRA’ is a versatile photoshoot space for rent within the renowned Prostranstvo photo studio. Spanning 64 square meters, this studio offers a spacious, well-lit environment perfect for various creative projects. The room features a stylish and cozy interior, including an armchair, sofa, and an imitation kitchen setup, making it an excellent choice for lifestyle shoots, portraits, and more.

The studio’s light and colorful decor, along with its varied settings, provide a unique backdrop for every shoot. The high-quality Godox DP600 flash units and Godox 150/200 continuous lights ensure you have all the tools needed to achieve professional-quality results. With a maximum capacity of six visitors, ‘TERRA’ is ideal for both small team projects and individual creatives.

Prostranstvo, located at 38/61 Tulebaeva Street, Block C, Almaty, Kazakhstan, is dedicated to providing a professional and inspiring environment for photographers and videographers. The studio’s commitment to quality and creativity makes it a top choice for those seeking a premier photo studio in Almaty.

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