from €17,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: SYNTHWAVE

Photo Studio: Neformat Place

Location: Kadet Line VO, 5 building 2d, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Discover our vibrant photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg, equipped with neon lights, props, and unique decor. Ideal for creative projects and unforgettable photoshoots.

Decorations, equipment and props included in the rental of the SYNTHWAVE hall: neon wall, neon sign “Art can be anywhere”, dry pool, mirror, two disco balls, two cubes, two bar stools, two low chairs, an armchair, a set of square stands, two fabric backgrounds, one retro TV, garlands, a bunny mask, an antique bust, four permanent Godox light sources, a ring lamp with a smartphone holder, a smoke machine.

Welcome to SYNTHWAVE, a 54 m² photoshoot space for rent located in the heart of Saint Petersburg. This versatile space features a vibrant color spectrum of bright and dark hues, perfect for creating dynamic and engaging visuals. The room’s 4-meter high walls are adorned with abstract and contemporary art, complemented by high-tech, neon elements that add a futuristic touch. The space is equipped with professional Godox lighting, ensuring optimal illumination for your projects. Whether you’re working on a fashion shoot, portrait session, or a creative project, SYNTHWAVE offers an array of props and setups, including a theatrical location with vintage lamps and a Barbie-themed area, enhancing your photoshoot experience. Located within the Neformat place photo studio, this space provides a unique environment with textured and graffiti-adorned walls, offering endless creative possibilities.

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Fabric backgrounds
Graffiti on the walls
Textured walls

Bright colors
Locations of different colors

High tech

Photographing with animals


Rent space for photoshoot

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