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Photoshoot Space: Studio Living Room

Photo Studio: Bedford Studio

Location: 24 Kirochnaya Street, Saint Petersburg, Russia

This photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg features large windows, a balcony, and overlooks the charming inner courtyard. Ideal for bright daytime shoots.

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Original plasterwork, a crystal chandelier, and an antique Becker piano beautifully adorned the filming area. Backgrounds can be set up in any convenient part of the room on mobile stands. Direct sunlight does not reach the windows, but the room is bright during the daytime.

Welcome to our exquisite Studio Living Room, a premier photoshoot space for rent in Saint Petersburg. Spanning 47 m² with a 4-meter wall height, this room is designed to provide a versatile and elegant backdrop for your photo sessions. The space features large windows that allow ample natural light, ensuring a bright environment throughout the day. The balcony offers a picturesque view of the inner courtyard and the building’s famous air galleries, adding a unique touch to your shoots.

The interior is a harmonious blend of retro and modern elements, with original plasterwork, a stunning crystal chandelier, and an antique Becker piano adding a touch of historical elegance. The room is furnished with a comfortable sofa and fabric backgrounds that can be adjusted on mobile stands, making it adaptable for various shoot requirements. Additional lighting options include Godox and ProFoto equipment, ensuring you have all the tools needed for a professional setup.

Located within the renowned Bedford Studio on Kirochnaya Street, this photoshoot space offers a light and neutral color palette, making it a perfect canvas for creativity. The studio’s amenities and the room’s ability to host up to 9 visitors allow for a comfortable and productive session. Whether you are photographing models, products, or even animals, this space is equipped to meet all your needs.

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