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Photoshoot Space: Studio Light

Photo Studio: Modern

Location: Sverdlovskaya Embankment, 64, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Discover the brightest photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg with panoramic windows overlooking the Neva River embankment. Perfect for natural light photography.

The brightest room with panoramic windows overlooking the Neva River embankment. The room features 2 setups: a large bed with cushions and beautiful spring decor on the wall, and a cozy beige sofa against a floral arrangement. The interior is dominated by nude, delicate shades. In the evening hours, you can catch a beautiful sunset if you enjoy natural light.

Experience the ultimate photoshoot space for rent in Saint Petersburg at Studio Light, MODERN. This 22 m² room is ideal for capturing stunning photographs with its ample natural light and picturesque views. The space includes a large bed adorned with cushions, a cozy beige sofa set against a floral backdrop, and wooden wall decor, all in light, neutral tones. It’s a versatile setting suitable for various photography styles, including bedroom/boudoir, children’s, romantic, and even newborn photography. Book this photo studio in Saint Petersburg for your next shoot and create unforgettable images with the perfect blend of natural light and stylish decor.

Big windows
Wooden wall


Imitation apartment

Conditions for newborn photography

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Photoshoot space rent price€70,00/hour