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Photoshoot Space: Studio Kiddy

Photo Studio: Modern

Location: Sverdlovskaya Embankment, 64, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Studio Kiddy is a charming photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg, designed around childhood themes with cozy settings and nostalgic decor. Perfect for family, newborn, and romantic shoots.

The decorations are themed around childhood. The main location features a cozy bed with a canopy and lights, perfect for casual, homey photos. The area with sofas and a dresser is designed with a fashionable nod to Soviet design, adding a particularly nostalgic atmosphere. The location with the children’s wigwam will immerse you in a fairytale world and won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Studio Kiddy, a delightful photoshoot space for rent, offers a unique, nostalgic ambiance perfect for capturing precious moments. Located in the heart of Saint Petersburg, this 22 m² space features light, neutral colors, and a variety of textured walls and brick elements that enhance its cozy and inviting atmosphere. The interiors are versatile, designed to resemble a bedroom, children’s area, romantic setting, or even an imitation apartment. The space is particularly well-suited for newborn photography, thanks to its warm and inviting setup. The photo studio where Studio Kiddy is located, MODERN, provides all the essential facilities, including an armchair, bed, and stylish decor, ensuring a comfortable and productive photoshoot experience. Whether you’re looking to capture the innocence of childhood, the warmth of family moments, or romantic memories, Studio Kiddy is the ideal photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg.

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