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Photoshoot Space: Studio D

Photo Studio: Bedford Studio

Location: 24 Kirochnaya Street, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Charming photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg with a balcony, light retro-futuristic accents, and a large screen installation perfect for your creative ideas.

Photo Studio Facilities


The room with a balcony, light retro-futuristic accents, the atmosphere of St. Petersburg, and a large screen installation for your cool ideas! A camera is connected to the screens, allowing you to create content without a photographer and display any image or video. Backgrounds can be set up in any convenient part of the room on mobile stands. Windows face the south side, allowing sunlight to enter the room throughout the day.

Studio D in BEDFORD STUDIO offers a spacious 47 m² area with 4 m high walls, providing an open and airy environment for your photoshoots. This photoshoot space for rent is ideal for capturing stunning visuals with its designer interiors, high-tech features, and romantic retro charm. Enjoy the comfort of an armchair, fabric backgrounds, and a cozy sofa, all set in a light-colored palette that enhances the natural sunlight flooding the room. The balcony adds a picturesque element, perfect for outdoor shots with the beautiful backdrop of Saint Petersburg.

Located in the heart of the city on Kirochnaya Street, BEDFORD STUDIO is equipped with premium lighting from Godox and ProFoto, ensuring your photoshoot space has the best possible illumination. Whether you’re photographing with animals or setting up a high-tech shoot, this photo studio in Saint Petersburg provides the perfect setting for all your creative projects.

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