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Photoshoot Space: Studio B

Photo Studio: Bedford Studio

Location: 24 Kirochnaya Street, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Beautiful and concise photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg with a bay window and balcony access. Light and relaxed interior with 20th-century molding and parquet flooring.

Photo Studio Facilities


Beautiful and concise room with a bay window and balcony access. The interior is light and relaxed with molding and parquet flooring from the 20th century! The windows face the south side, allowing sunlight to enter the room throughout the day. Backgrounds can be set up in any convenient part of the room on mobile stands.

Studio B offers a charming and versatile photoshoot space for rent in Saint Petersburg. With its south-facing bay windows, this room is bathed in natural light throughout the day, making it ideal for capturing stunning photographs. The room spans 30 m² with a 4-meter wall height, accommodating a maximum of 9 visitors comfortably. The décor features bright and neutral tones, with textured walls and a romantic, retro ambiance.

This photoshoot space is equipped with essential facilities including an armchair, sofa, and fabric backgrounds. The imitation apartment setting enhances the versatility of the space, allowing for a range of creative shoots. Additionally, the space supports shooting with animals, adding another layer of flexibility for photographers.

Located in the renowned BEDFORD STUDIO on Kirochnaya Street, this photo studio in Saint Petersburg is well-equipped with professional lighting equipment from Godox and ProFoto. Whether you’re looking to capture romantic portraits, retro-themed images, or simply need a light and airy space, Studio B provides the perfect backdrop for your photoshoots.

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Fabric backgrounds
Textured walls

Bright colors
Locations of different colors

Imitation apartment

Photographing with animals


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