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Photoshoot Space: Studio

Photo Studio: Split | Studios

Location: 88 St. Cyril and Methodius Street, Sofia, Bulgaria

Cozy photoshoot space in Sofia featuring two separate rooms for versatile photo and video shoots. Ideal for small to medium setups.

The studio offers two separate rooms for photo and video shooting. A small studio of 16 square meters is suitable for rearranging, placing small decor and one installation. The large studio is L-shaped and suits medium-sized decor and furnishings.

Located in the heart of Sofia, this cozy photoshoot space for rent at SPLIT | studios is perfect for both photographers and videographers. The smaller room, with its 16 m² area, is ideal for intimate setups and small decor arrangements. Meanwhile, the larger L-shaped room accommodates medium-sized setups, making it versatile for a variety of creative projects. The space is equipped with big windows, fabric backgrounds, and a comfortable armchair, offering both dark and light color spectrums. This photo studio in Sofia ensures a functional and adaptable environment for all your shooting needs.

Big windows
Fabric backgrounds


Without interiors

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€20,00/hour
Night tariff from 8:00 PM-10:00 AM€22,00/hour


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