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Photoshoot Space: Studio 4

Photo Studio: Studio Chérie

Location: Studio Chérie - Rent Studio Berlin, Photo Studio & Production, Hobrechtstraße, Berlin, Germany

Discover Studio 4 at Chérie Studios, a premier photoshoot space in Berlin's vibrant Neukölln district, ideal for photography, video, and events.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Explore our 150-square-meter daylight studio located on the 4th floor, with elevator access (dimensions: 1.1m x 2.1m x 2.15m), offering a spacious environment accentuated by three large south-facing windows that can be darkened when needed. Boasting a ceiling height of 3.6 meters, the studio features a 16A power current, high-speed WLAN up to 1000 Mbit/s, and a sound system. The industrial look is complemented by a white floor measuring 6 x 2 meters, along with a fully equipped kitchen, lounge area, and a designated space for hair and makeup. Immerse yourself in the creative ambiance of our studio with a concrete floor, perfect for a variety of projects.

This photoshoot space for rent is ideal for diverse projects, offering a spacious shooting area and a minimalist design with bright colors. The studio includes facilities like a cyclorama, sofa, and textured walls, enhancing your creative work. Additionally, you’ll find a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy lounge area, perfect for breaks and team meetings. The interior is designed to resemble an apartment, making it versatile for various shooting needs. Located in the heart of Berlin, Studio 4 at Chérie Studios is your go-to photo studio in Berlin for professional photography, video shoots, and event hosting.

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Big windows
Textured walls

Bright colors
Locations of different colors

Imitation apartment
Without interiors

Conditions for newborn photography
Conditions for seminars and master classes
Setting the light outside the window (for video)

Rent space for photoshoot

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