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Photoshoot Space: Studio 2

Photo Studio: Oslo Fotostudio

Location: Schweigaards gate 34B, Oslo, Norway

Studio 2 is a cozy photoshoot space in Oslo, perfect for portraits and smaller productions. It includes styling areas and backdrop stands.

Studio 2 is ideal for portraits and smaller productions. It is equipped with stands for colorama backdrops, hair, make-up and styling areas.

Prices Excluded VAT/MVA:

NOK 3500 pr day (9 hours)

Overtime: NOK 550 pr day.

Located in the heart of Oslo, Studio 2 offers a compact 5 m² photoshoot space with a generous 9 m wall height, making it ideal for capturing stunning portraits and creative projects. The space is designed with a light, neutral color spectrum, providing a versatile backdrop for various themes and styles. The studio can comfortably accommodate up to 5 visitors, ensuring an intimate and focused photoshoot experience. Oslo Fotostudio, where Studio 2 is located, is equipped with modern facilities and amenities to support your photoshoot needs. The studio features dedicated areas for hair, make-up, and styling, allowing for seamless preparation and execution of your photoshoots. With its convenient location and professional setup, Studio 2 is the perfect photoshoot space for rent in Oslo.


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Photoshoot space rent price€49,00/hour


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