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Photoshoot Space: Studio 17/11

Photo Studio: Daily Studio

Location: Ligovsky Prospect, 176/178, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Experience a unique photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg, blending hi-tech, neoclassical, and loft styles. Perfect for weddings and family sessions.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

The hall represents a unique blend of hi-tech, neoclassical, and loft styles. Pastel shades lend sophistication and elegance to the space. A wall-to-wall window is situated on the western side. The interior is suitable for wedding “love story” photo shoots, as well as individual and family sessions.

Key features include:

  • Area with a sofa and a loft-style coffee table.
  • Area with a large bed built into a baroque-style arch.
  • Classic arches with a designer console table made of black marble and a mirrored composition.
  • Baroque-style wall with a cabinet and decor.
  • Armchair with loft-style side tables.

Studio 17/11 offers an expansive 63 m² area with 5-meter-high walls, providing ample space and versatility for various photoshoot needs. The room is furnished with essential elements like an armchair, bed, large windows, sofa, and textured walls, ensuring a comfortable and functional shoot environment. WiFi is also available, making it convenient for live uploads and instant sharing.

Located in Daily Studio, this photoshoot space in Saint Petersburg is designed to inspire creativity. The neutral color spectrum and varied interiors, including bedroom/boudoir, classical/palace, contemporary, designer, imitation apartment, and romantic themes, make it ideal for diverse photoshoot projects. Whether you are looking to capture intimate moments, fashion shoots, or themed sessions, Studio 17/11 can accommodate your needs. Additionally, the space allows photographing with animals, adding another layer of flexibility and appeal.

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Big windows
Textured walls


Classical / palace
Imitation apartment

Photographing with animals

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€17,00/hour
Weekends and holidays€18,00/hour


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