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Photoshoot Space: Sova Photo Studio

Photo Studio:


A versatile photoshoot space in Vilnius perfect for realizing various creative ideas. Equipped with multiple backgrounds and settings. Book now!

Studio’s space 55 m2
Ceiling height – 4m
Walls – background system 2.72m, corner wall with mouldings, timber wall, concrete wall, large non-formal windows, white wall with fabric backgrounds.
First hour – 20€
Next hour – 10€
*Extra per hour (from 20-00 to 8-00 am) +5€

Sova Photo Studio in Vilnius is the perfect photoshoot space for rent, offering a variety of settings to bring your creative visions to life. The studio features a 55 m² space with a 4-meter high ceiling, providing ample room for various setups. The walls include a background system of 2.72 meters, a corner wall with mouldings, a timber wall, and a concrete wall. Additionally, the studio boasts large, non-formal windows and a white wall with fabric backgrounds, ensuring diverse background options for any shoot.

The studio is equipped with essential facilities such as a cyclorama and wifi, making it an ideal photo studio in Vilnius for both amateur and professional photographers. The space’s color spectrum ranges from absolutely white to dark and light, providing flexibility for different lighting and mood requirements.

Whether you are planning a portrait session, fashion shoot, or commercial photography, Sova Photo Studio is designed to meet your needs. With competitive hourly rates and the ability to accommodate up to 5 visitors, this photoshoot space in Vilnius is both affordable and convenient. Book your session today and explore the endless creative possibilities at Sova Photo Studio.

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Absolutely white

Rent space for photoshoot

Photoshoot space rent price€20,00/hour