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Photoshoot Space: Sexy Noir Room

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Discover this unique photoshoot space in [City Name] with baroque furniture, satin sheets, and a Victorian iron staircase for your sultry and risque shots.

This is the studio where we create the more deep sultry shots in your shoot. The black baroque-styled furniture, satin sheets, and Victorian iron staircase make the perfect backdrop for the more sexy and risque poses and photographs.

This room is one of the main backdrops to our After dark couples sessions where we can play on the fifty shades of grey themes and really bring to life the naughty themes.

This setting is also part of the curves boudoir photoshoot experiences too.

Located in a renowned photo studio in [City Name], the Sexy Noir Room offers a unique and intimate environment for your photoshoot space needs. The 14 m² room, with a wall height of 3 meters, is equipped with air conditioning, big windows, broadband internet for streaming, and WiFi. The dark-themed interiors, featuring a bed and minimalistic bedroom/boudoir design, make it an ideal photoshoot space for rent, perfect for capturing the allure and sensuality of your subjects. The studio’s prime location in [City Name] provides easy access for photographers and clients alike, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Air Conditioning
Big windows
Broadband internet for streaming



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Photoshoot space rent price€49,99/hour