from €25,00/hour

Photoshoot Space: Scandinavian Hall

Photo Studio: Dada

Location: Almas Microdistrict, 234, Almaty

Discover a cozy 90 m² Scandinavian-style photoshoot space in Almaty, perfect for accommodating up to 20 people with ample natural light and minimalistic decor.

Photo Studio Facilities

Internet – Wifi

Welcome to our main hall, a creative space spanning 90 square meters, accommodating up to 20 people for simultaneous shoots.

The interior is designed in a Scandinavian style, featuring light walls, ample natural light, and minimalistic decor with neutral colors complemented by vibrant accents. This design choice creates a cozy, home-like atmosphere, making it feel lived-in while keeping the focus on your product without unnecessary distractions.

Highlight of the Scandinavian Hall:
One of the standout features of this hall is the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows that flood the space with soft natural light, enhancing the overall ambiance and providing an ideal setting for your shoots.

The Scandinavian Hall is adorned with thoughtfully selected furniture and props, including a cozy armchair, a comfortable bed, and textured walls that add depth to your photos. The large windows not only provide beautiful natural light but also offer a serene backdrop for your photoshoots.

Located in the DaDa photo studio in Almaty, this photoshoot space for rent is ideal for various photography needs. Whether you’re looking to shoot lifestyle, fashion, or product photography, this space provides the perfect setting. The studio also offers essential amenities like WiFi to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot.

DaDa photo studio is situated in the Almas Microdistrict, providing easy access for local and visiting photographers. The studio’s Scandinavian Hall is designed to be versatile, accommodating different themes and styles with its neutral palette and home-like interiors. Book this photoshoot space in Almaty today and bring your creative vision to life.

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Big windows
Textured walls

Locations of different colors

Imitation apartment

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Photoshoot space rent price€25,00/hour


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