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Photoshoot Space: Room 1

Photo Studio: 77photostudio

Location: Lermontova Street, 24, Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine

Explore our versatile photoshoot space in Zaporizhzhia, perfect for creating magical shots. Featuring 100 m², large windows, and a full-wall mirror.

We change furniture, decorations and colors! But we will never change our main value – space and light! We have 100 sq.m for your creativity! One huge panoramic window and 2 smaller windows, 4.5 meter ceilings and a full-wall mirror! We do everything to make your shooting with us the most beautiful!

Come create magical shots in our space!

Located in the heart of Zaporizhzhia, 77PHOTOSTUDIO offers an exceptional photoshoot space for rent. Room 1 is designed to inspire creativity, with its spacious 100 m² area and 4.5-meter high ceilings. The large panoramic window and additional smaller windows flood the room with natural light, perfect for capturing stunning photographs. The full-wall mirror adds depth and versatility to your shots. The space is adaptable, with furniture, decorations, and colors that can be changed to match your vision. Whether you’re shooting a children’s theme or an imitation kitchen setup, our studio ensures a unique backdrop for every project.

Additionally, 77PHOTOSTUDIO is equipped with essential facilities including an armchair, bath, big windows, and a sofa, providing a comfortable and functional environment. The versatile color spectrum and interiors cater to various photography needs, making it an ideal photo studio in Zaporizhzhia. Our commitment to providing ample space and light ensures that your photoshoot experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

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